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Back in the day

I do not get lachrymose so often. Med school taught me to be as gentle as possible, whilst cold enough to not fall apart when someone dies. Still, what people see is not what happens inside my mind. I fight the good fight, the one against bad habits and instincts. Sometimes, I fail miserably. Sometimes, I win myself for another day. Recently I started to improve my acupuncturist skills at a fast pace, learning new methods once I thought nontangible; trying is part of the good fight that keeps me onward. I even bought a book in Italian that, like a collegian often does, I need to read with the aid of a dictionary. It is hard, it is challenging, but it is uplifting. That is how I cope with my own insanity. I study, I pray, I cry… but nobody else will notice, not because I am shy, which I am, but because I’ve been learning to cry from the inside. I am not a sad person. I am not exactly happy either. I am a student; that is how I see my journey on this planet. I do hate when I cannot help